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Thomas Blanchard

Tascosa - OL/DLA One Point Loss 11/7/09 It always feels bad to lose, but I have to say, to end the season on a one point loss is just... well, it sucks. Tonight was a prime example of what h...

Crockett Gillmore

Bushland - DLFocused, ready 11/3/09 This is a game that is just a step to something better with the playoffs next week. Our practices this week will determine not only the conditioning a...

Josh Jacobo

Palo Duro - OLDons Football 11/5/09 Even though the season has not gone the way I had wanted it to go we still have a chance to reach our goal for the year. And that goal is to win a pl...
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  • video preview

    PIgskin Review/Preview - This is it

    The final week of high school football this season. Bushland takes on the mighty Daingerfield for the state championship. Coach David Flowers is our guest for this segment - We visit with the man who has made Bushland football great.
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    Pigskin Preview - Week 12

    2nd week of playoffs! A few surprises, a few let downs. Lance & Preston walk us through the games.
  • video preview

    Games of the Week - Week 11

    The playoffs are in full swing in the Panhandle. Several area schools are making a strong run for a state title.
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